We examine everything you will need for your adventure from sailing education to yacht insurance.

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Our recommendations for the best of the best in everything to do with live-aboard sailing and the circumnavigation dream!

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About us

Searching for the best products & services for your sailing adventure

Hi, my name is Dave Orton. 

I grew up around the lakes and ocean of British Columbia and always had a passion for life on and around the water. My dream was to own a sailing yacht with the goal of completing a circumnavigation as a retirement project. Now, all that is left is to convince my wife, Sylvia. 

An important part of this process is identifying and reviewing high quality products and services that support the live-aboard circumnavigation dream:

1.     Sailing education.
2.     Instrument and radio education.
3.     Chartering before investing in a yacht.
4.     Maintaining your yacht. 
5.     Outfitting your floating home.
6.     Finding the best sailing outerwear. 
7.     Finding the right forecasting software. 
8.     International yacht and medical insurance.
9.     Nutritional aids to fend off fatigue. 
10.  Ways to generate some income on the go.

So join me ant the team as we share how-tos and reviews that will turn the dream into a safe and thrilling adventure of a lifetime!

Our Team

We are a group of curious, cautious, adventurous souls 

Dave Orton


Sylvia Orton


Johnathan Tucker

Director of Content

Hazel Ramsay

Executive Editor

Latest Products & Services

We examine everything you will need for your adventure from sailing education to yacht insurance.

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